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Allison and Josh always wanted to have kind, maybe two or three. But God had a much bigger plan for them. And their adoption story of twins Sam his sister. And after some difficult messages today likening ava to a carrot or telling us we' re unmerciful because of the choice to continue ava's life, now seems like the. May 25, 2016 . BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Sadly, Ava Lewis, an unexpected adopted child born with extreme brain abnormalities, passed away this week. Apr 27, 2016 Allison and Josh didn't even have to think about it - the little girl, who they named Ava, was much a part of the Lewis family as her healthy.

Were adopting TWINS! One of the twins, Ava, has some concerning medical issues that requires. Latest Update from the Lewis Family (4/28/16) hey friends.

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