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But I've still got the blues for you. Use to be so easy. Fall in love again. But I found that the heartache. It's a roll that leeds to pain. I found that in love. Is more than. Аккорды и табулатуры: Gary Moore Still Got The Blues Аккорды - Chords and Got The Blues гитара табулатуры уроки тексты песен Gary Moore текст file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. 31 янв 2015 Это конечно же соло из песни Still Got the blues от Gary Moore. Считаю, что для вас будет очень полезно посмотреть, как Garry Moore. In time which is triplets per measure. Intro and verse progression: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ etc. Chorus: (So long, it was so long ago.) Bridge: Chords

Later in 1990 Gary Moore and Ian Taylor filmed a basic music video for the song. Gary Moore played his Les Paul Standard Guitar throughout Dec 8, 2004 song: STILL GOT THE BLUES 1990, UK Artist: Moore G. tabbed by: but the tab of the 1st verse and chorus is the guitar II (acoustic). this tab. Песен 20. Аккорды, Gtp, Видео Сортировать песни по:датерейтингу посещаемостиалфавиту Moore Gary - Still Got The Blues (2 варианта). 10604. Still Got The Blues (For You) by Gary Moore song meaning, lyric Moore's multi- million selling album and was a return to the Blues music of his youth. In late 2008, a German court ruled that Gary Moore stole the guitar solo for this song from.

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