Но до no do the haunting the beckoning 2009 торрент: шизофрения и я mp3

Jun 7, 2014 SYNOPSIS: Hoping for a fresh start after a debilitating bout of postpartum depression, pediatrician Francesca (Ana Torrent) and her husband. Sep 28, 2010 (aka "No-Do" or "The Beckoning"). directed by Elio Quiroga Spain 2009. Francesca (Ana Torrent, SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE) has never gotten. Sep 28, 2010 Shortly after losing her child to SIDS, Francesca (Ana Torrent) moves with her family to a sprawling mansion in the Spanish countryside and. Oct 31, 2011 Time for another Spanish horror effort… the 2009 film “No-Do” also confusingly know as either “The Beckoning” or “The Haunting” depending.

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